I’m a CG artist in London and mash polygons with code. Now that web and CG are converging into VR, I’m moving onto that intersection. Previously #45DaysOfZBrush.

Currently I’m available for work!

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showreel 2017


To help me go from concept to render as quickly as possible, I created three Houdini Digital Assets to speed up this process.
Speeding up my Substance to Redshift Workflow
Finding the missing pieces in the puzzle between ZBrush and Houdini
Learning Substance and PBR
Today I sculpted Laverne, the Lovable Lunatic from Day of the Tentacle.
ZBrush Day 45
Today I sculpted Dr. Fred, the Mad Professor from Day of the Tentacle.
ZBrush Day 44
Today I sculpted Bernard, the Hipster Nerd from Day of the Tentacle.
ZBrush Day 43
Today I sculpted Hoagie, the laidback MetalHead from Day of the Tentacle
ZBrush Day 42
Today I sculpted Purple from Day of the Tentacle.
ZBrush Day 41
Today I modeled this Liberty Statue for the computer game I am not making
ZBrush Day 40
Today I finally pulled all the parts together into this little bicycle!
ZBrush Day 39
Today I created the frame, with trackends, headset and a sweet forkcrown.
ZBrush Day 38
Today I laced up my Phillies to these shiny Rims and bumped them with Schwalbe Cream Tyres
ZBrush Day 37
Today I modeled these Phil Woods hubs and a Freewheel.
ZBrush Day 36
Today I summoned the ZModeler demons, but still managed to model this Crankset
ZBrush Day 35
Today I modeled these Shimano MKS Sylvan Road Pedals.
ZBrush Day 34
Today in my mini challenge I modeled this Brooks leather saddle.
ZBrush Day 33
Today I started a mini-challenge and modeled my handlebars
ZBrush Day 32
To further push my ZModeler skills , I modeled this caliper brake, for it's unusual mechanical shape
ZBrush Day 31
One month into the Challenge, I created this hour glass figure Double Bass
ZBrush Day 30
Another speedmodeling video, creating the orange television set I sneaked into my bedroom as a child.
ZBrush Day 29
Today I recorded myself modeling a Chesterfield Sofa.
ZBrush Day 28
Facing off with ZModeler again, today I tried and failed to model a skateboard.
ZBrush Day 27
Having more fun with the moveTopo brush, learned difference between Clip and Trim, and found a Magnifier!
ZBrush Day 26
Today I fell love with insertSphere + moveTopo brushes, and found out how to sculpt with cute colors.
ZBrush Day 25
Today I followed along with Steve James and learned amazing ways to model stylised heads
ZBrush Day 24
Today I tried to recreate the Girl in a Fishbowl by Ken Wong, and learned about PolyPainting and Transparency
ZBrush Day 23
Today I attacked ZModeler again, and learned about QMesh Moving, Sliding and Bending with ZSpheres
ZBrush Day 22
Today I created this little scene with a floating mouse angel, staring down on his dead corpse, that's caught in a trap.
ZBrush Day 21
To keep things simple, today I modeled this skull and brains.
ZBrush Day 20
Trying to model this Drill, pushed me to learn about Retopologizing.
ZBrush Day 19
Today I wanted to use ZSpheres, so created this Turtle.
ZBrush Day 18
Today I got inspired by a youtube video, and modeled this Tyre / Tire, and learned about Array Meshes
ZBrush Day 17
To challenge my Polygon Modeling skills, I tried to model a Bicycle Helmet.
ZBrush Day 16
Today I started to go deeper into ZModeler and created a simple Coffee Scene.
ZBrush Day 15
Today I created an Attack Llama used for Guerilla Warfare in Latin America
ZBrush Day 14
I went deeper into insertMeshBrushes and created this weird character
ZBrush Day 13
Today I 'sculpted' a Boot, learned Extractions and insertMeshBrushes.
ZBrush Day 12
Today I wanted to do something more sculptural again, so made this Pirate Girl.
ZBrush Day 11
Today I wanted to create a Minimalist Japanese Motorbike, and learned about Radial Symmetry.
ZBrush Day 10
Today I wanted to save time by making a simple snowman, but ended up spending way too much time on his Scarf.
ZBrush Day 9
No more studies, I had more time to sculpt this elephant balancing on a ball.
ZBrush Day 8
I finished the first Intro To ZBrush, learned about PolyGroups, and how to make Accessoires.
ZBrush Day 7
Today I learned about Transpose, more SubTool tricks and sculpted my primary school teacher.
ZBrush Day 6
Today I sculpted a sleeping baby fox, and learned more masking..
ZBrush Day 5
I sculpted a little french house on a mountain, and learned about Masking
ZBrush Day 4
Today I learned Dynamesh Resolutions, and Clay, TrimDynamic and HPolish brushes.
ZBrush Day 3
Today I learned symmetry, subds, moveBrush and I sculpted The Donald
ZBrush Day 2
On my first day with ZBrush, I sculpted a toilet and made a list of quickstart tips
ZBrush Day 1: Quickstart Tips
In order to make my generalist skills great again, I need to start by switching up my modeling tools.
Challenging myself to learn ZBrush in 45 Days