ZBrush Day 11
March 5, 2017

The last few days have been a bit difficult, first with the annoying snowman and then the difficult motorbike. I was longing back to modeling the elephant on the ball, which was so much fun to sculpt.

ZBrush Day 11

The other day someone sent me this cool Pirate Girl sticker on telegram, and this seemed like the right challenge. It’s more sculptural, and would allow me to practice more with the accessory technique, duplicating, deflating, and building up with clay.

ZBrush Day 11


So after I got the head and body in a decent state with DynaMesh, I deflated a duplicate of the model, and push a hair-blockout through the scalp with clayBuildup.

ZBrush Day 11 ZBrush Day 11

I couldn’t get the look I wanted with that technique alone, so then I appended a sphere, and used the moveBrush to stretch and shape it out, to create the hair strands.

After I got one strand, I used the transpose tool to duplicate, and separate it into it’s own subtool, and sculpted that one into shape. I kept repeating until I had about 8 strands on the front.

Other parts

ZBrush Day 11 I continued with the body, and used the same deflation technique for the clothes. I tweaked the body model more, to get a slimmer look for the girl, and finished up with the hair, eyepatch and a lump of geo for her right eyelash.

I’m pretty happy with the end result. I managed get some nice shapes into the face, and make her facial features quite feminine. I was running out of time on the earrings, tongue and some other details. But I’m happy that I got close enough to the reference to easily recognize it.

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