ZBrush Day 15
March 9, 2017

Yesterday got a bit out of control with that llama, so today I wanted to try to keep it simple, and do something quick. I dove a bit deeper into ZModeler’s functionality and created this little coffee scene. It’s simple enough, it’s got the cup, milkjar and the thermos.

ZBrush Day 15


ZBrush Day 15 One amazing tool I found in the ZModeler is this thing called QMesh. With the ZModeler brush selected, you can access it by hovering over a polygon, press spacebar and you’ll see you can select QMesh.

In its most basic form it seems to be a simple polygon extrude, however it’s a polygon extrude on steroids. It’s smart enough to bridge and punch holes in your mesh, not sure how it decides this for you though? I’ve never seen this tool in any other software before?

Vertex Editing with Mask and Transpose

The basic polygon tools in Maya are great for noodling around with your vertices, but so far I’ve found this approach to be a bit lacking in ZModeler.

ZBrush Day 15 Right now the best way I’ve found to move a group of points around is to mask out a section of the mesh, then use the transpose to move these points around. Maybe I need to get used to this way of working, but it seems like it involves a lot more clicks than needed, for such a simple action?

Modeling this scene today took me more than an hour, while it might have taken 5 minutes in Maya.. I guess that’s the rub with learning new software.. I’ll have to go through this initiation period of hitting my head against the wall over and over and over again, until it clicks and I’ll be able to use it fluently without thinking about it.

ZBrush Day 15

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