ZBrush Day 16
March 10, 2017

Today I wanted to continue testing my ZModeler skills, so I decided to model my Bern bicycle helmet. It’s got this cool sort of organic, hard edged shape that seemed like a perfect test case for my skills right now.

ZBrush Day 16

Infinite X PointMove

ZBrush Day 16 I started out with a qCube, and then used a lot of masking to move them into shape. Yesterday I was talking about how tiring this Move Tranpose got. Today I found out I could set my ZModeler Point-Move parameters to infinite-X. This allows you to move groups of vertices projecting/aligning on the X-Axis. It’s a much faster alternative to the Mask Transpose point shuffling.

Back to DynaMesh

ZBrush Day 16 Finally when I got my basic mesh in shape with the ZModeler tools, I used the Dynamic Subdivisions and creased the areas around the visor.

I needed to start punching in the vents at the top, and the wedge shapes from the side. I’ve found you can do Boolean operations using your Subtools and DynaMesh. I created a couple of boolean shapes, and punched them out.

Part of me feels weird about this solution, as I just went through all that trouble to create a nice quality topology. And now to cut a couple of simple holes, I need to convert my model to this overly dense ugly DynaMesh..

ZBrush Day 16

Anyways, that’s where I got it today. I didn’t manage to model any of the insides, and still have no clue about how I would create these straps…

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