ZBrush Day 2
February 24, 2017

Today I played around and wanted to sculpt a head. I figured I would aim to model Donald Trump. Given the result, I feel like I’ve really nailed his spirit in this sculpture.

ZBrush Day 2

I’m really enjoying this sculpting, still trying to get used to used to the navigation. After a while I felt a pain in my hand from clenching my wacom pen a bit too hard, I think it’s because I’m acommodating for these new motor skills. Apart from that I’ve noticed it’s super easy to enter sort of a flow-state, zone-out and just sculpt. Very similar in fact to when you’re animating.


I’ve learned you can start modeling in very low resolution, and add new subdivisions to add detail where you need. The cool thing here is you can kind of non-destructively move between the different resolution levels and tweak the shape on a lower resolution, while still retaining the detail in the higher subdivision resolution levels.

  • CTRL + D // Subdivide
  • D // move UP a subdivision level
  • SHIFT + D // move DOWN a subdivision level

Move Brush

ZBrush Day 2 Using the Move Brush you can tweak your mesh on lower subdivision levels, while retaining details at higher subdivisions. It’s a cool way to move around large chunks of a model, instead of having to Add and Remove chunks with the standard brush all the time. You can access it through the brush pallete or: BMV.


ZBrush Day 2 You can turn on Symmetry mode to sculpt two sides at the same time. By default this is over the X-axis, however you can also set it up for multiple axis like XY or XYZ. The hotkey for the symmetry is X


One issue I ran into was around the bottom of his neck. I started out from a cube so creating those shoulders really stretched my vertex count. I remember something about DynaMesh, that would automatically retopologize your mesh for more detail, I’m gonna have to look into this.

Another one was the hairline, I’m still just using the Standard and Move brush. I know I should probably start masking areas around, but I’ll just take the lessons step by step. It will come around at some point.

The ear was another terrible area, where I feel I could use a clip brush(?). To get behind that area, between the hair and the back of the ear, was massively difficult. If I could clip off the visibility in that area, it might have been easier to sculpt.

Anyway no need to get ahead of myself, I’m enjoying this barebones sculpting way too much right now.

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