ZBrush Day 22
March 16, 2017

On my quest with ZModeler, today I wanted to model something hard-surface again. So decided to model my favourite object in the whole world, my Casio watch.

ZBrush Day 22

I gathered some reference from around the web, and since i have the watch myself, it was easy enough to compare.

ZBrush Day 22

Main Body

I started by chunking out the main body with a qCube and edgeloops. I got stuck with my topology a couple of times, so rather than clean it up, I just trashed the model and started over. Finally I ended up with this mesh for the main body.

ZBrush Day 22

ZBrush Day 22 Next I modeled the straps, they were pretty straight forward. I finally had a chance to put the QMesh Pull-through technique to good use, for punching those holes into the strap.

It seems like a bit of magic, but I’ve noticed the pull through only works when the faces are pretty much identical. So you need the same face to be on both sides of the model, to pull it through. In technobabble it’s sort of the tunnel version of the bridge tool..

ZBrush Day 22

QMesh Move Trick

ZBrush Day 22 Today I also found out about another trick, when using the QMesh tool on Polygons. If you HOLD SHIFT while you’re extruding a polygon, it actually becomes more of a Move tool.
So instead of creating/extruding into a new polygon, as you drag it out it will just move along the polygon-normal.


Another thing I found out today is sliding Points and Edges. You can find it by hovering over an edge or a point and selecting slide. It will allow you to slide your edgeloops and points across your surface. To me this changes my whole approach to beveling.

ZBrush Day 22 Traditionally in Maya I would bevel edges towards the end of my modeling process. Adding those extra loops to the basemesh would complicate any other changes you might want to make afterwards. However with this sliding trick, I can easily add whole edgeloops to create specific creases, and tweak them easily after the fact.

Bending the Strap.

ZBrush Day 22 I got stuck on trying to bend the strap. I tried to use the Deformation > Bend options, but it kept bending in the wrong direction. Looking around for different solutions, I figured I could try to use ZSpheres and SkinBind them to the straps. I never thought this technique would ever come in useful.

I’m quite happy with the result. I didn’t have time to model in the back of the watch, but you don’t see it anyway. ZModeler is starting to grow on me, especially after I finding out about all this sliding business.

More ZModeler Resources

I just wanted to add this great resource I’ve found for ZModeler. It’s a bunch of super dry-cut videos by Joseph Drust (from the little tank!).

Joseph goes through every single tool and option, so if you’re trying to findout very specifically what a certain tool is doing, they are the best!

ZBrush ZModeler Introduction

Note that here’s the youtube playlist with all ZModeler videos in this series.

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