ZBrush Day 31
March 25, 2017

Today I got inspired to model this Shimano bicycle caliper brake. It’s got this kind of unusual mechanical shape, perfect way to man-up my ZModeler skills. And a great addition to my family of #difficultMechanicalShapes

ZBrush Day 31

Speed Modeling Video

Here’s the speedmodeling video


Today I really went to town on the creases. It’s really effective way to quickly create a shape like this.

Although you don’t have any control over the level of creasing, so it’s difficult to do a half crease, you can play around with the distance between edgeRings and let a crease slowly fade out that way.. I used this around the upper arm/cable-adjuster

And here’s a progress pic from instagram:

Social Media

So this past month I’ve been posting my challenge around on different platforms on the internet. Instagram has been really loving and welcoming, but I’ve been having a bit of a hard time finding any traction on Twitter, up till now!

This morning I tweeted out my Double Bass speed modeling video, not expecting much, but received some great response, so it looks like I’ll continue posting video’s on there from now on!

I’m a 3D artist in London, mashing polygons with code. I’m busy developing my own VR worlds.

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