ZBrush Day 32
March 26, 2017

After the success I had with yesterday’s brake calipers, today I created my handlebars, and decided to model the rest of my bicycle.

ZBrush Day 32

Mini Challenge

A limitation with these daily challenges is the amount of time I can spend on each piece, which makes it harder to choose the correct object each day.

I’ve always wanted a CG version of my own bicycle. If only, so I can play around with color-schemes when I recoat it every couple of years.

So I figured I can model different parts of my bike over the next few days and stick them together afterwards. It’s gonna be a mini-challenge inside this challenge.

Not sure how long it’ll take to finish, I’ll just take it by the day. If I manage to pull this one together, hopefully I’ll finally have ZModeler under submission!

Speed Modeling Video

Here’s the speedmodeling video

Modeling Patterns

Now that I’m getting more comfortable with ZModeler I start to discover certain modeling patterns. Today I found a cool one, to create an interupted tubular shape modeling the stemClencher (0:19) and the leather grips (0:32).

You can do this by:

  • creating a poly cylinder
  • inset on both sides
  • qmesh a hole in the middle, to create a tube
  • bevel the bottom edge
  • qmesh that new bevelFace

Transpose Duplicate Problem

So I also ran into this weird issue today where I was trying to duplicate the laces on the leather grips, using the Transpose tool. Normally you hold CTRL + SHIFT and drag a duplicate away, you see me doing this in the video, but for some reason it wouldn’t work, whichever way I tried. Even restarting didn’t help!

Turns out I had subdivision history, so only after I deleted my Higher subdivisions, it then allowed my to Transpose a duplicate. It’s kind of counter intuitive, but logically it makes sense, as ZBrush would have no way of knowing if and how you wanted to duplicate across multiple subdivisions.

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