ZBrush Day 33
March 27, 2017

Today I wanted to model the saddle. I started by tracing the reference I used for the handlebars, I think this was a tokyobike image. But tokyobike saddle turned out a bit too swoosh and hip, so I quickly switched it out for something with a bit more volume.

With this mini challenge I’m kind of aiming for something a little bit more stylised. I’m gonna try to pack as much detail into as little pixels as possible, for the biggest detail per square pixel/image effect.

ZBrush Day 33

Speed Modeling Video

Here’s the speedmodeling video

Panel Extractions

Creating the metal plate underneath the saddle was a bit of a rabbit hole, I cut it out of the video, but I spend a bit of time modeling it from a cube, stretching it over the underside of the leather. Obviously later I realised, the correct approach for this issue, to draw a mask and extract a panel, similar to what I learned with the boot.

Love the Bridge Tool

Another thing that’s becoming one of my favourite ZModeler tools is this Bridge Edges 2 Holes tool. I used it to create the whole tubular undercarriage for the saddle. I generally lay out all the straight tubes, and use the bridge tool to bridge all the gaps. The interactive ringDensity/curvature mouse control is a bit funky at first, but I’m getting used to it, and love the flexibility it gives me.

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