ZBrush Day 35
March 29, 2017

Today I tried to model this Crankset, but ran into a big mess with my topology, a couple of times.

ZBrush Day 35

Speed Modeling Video

Here’s the speedmodeling video

First Topology Mess

So you see in the video how I mess up the topology in the first instant. The mistake I made was trying to keep the inner plate with holes connected to the outer teeth-ring. The teeth have quite high density, because it needs 3 edges for every tooth. To manage and flow off that high density into the lower density inner mesh, with complicated holes, was just too.. complicated..

Second Topology Mess

After that initial mess, I actually messed up again. I removed it from the edit, but this is what it looked like:

So the second time around I figured I would keep the teeth-ring seperate from the inner ring. This was a great idea.

However I also thought ‘if I can model the inner holes as shapes, then I can just qMesh them together, and qMesh the original holes out of there’ Although it seemed logical in theory, you can see how the edges get all jumbled. Sometimes it’s just best to start over, multiple times!

Third Time’s a Charm

So in the end I just DynaMesh the whole inner part, and booleaned the holes in there. Then I used ZSphere to retopologize and then ArrayMeshed that lowres mesh. This worked quite well.

Array Mesh Tip

So one thing I realised about Array Mesh today is you can press the Lock Pos and Lock Size buttons. If you don’t have these activated, when you tweak the geometry-level of your mesh, it will slip and slide your array copies in unexpected ways.

I think ArrayMesh might do some smart calculations on the boundingbox of your mesh, so that’s why it moves around when the shape changes.. I think?

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