ZBrush Day 37
March 31, 2017

Today I laced up my Phillies to these shiny Rims and bumped them with Schwalbe Cream Tyres.

ZBrush Day 37

Speed Modeling Video

Here’s the speedmodeling video


To get the correct pattern on the tyre threads, I took an old tyre from the garden and just stood on it, trying to keep it as flat as possible.

You can see in the video how easy it was to trace the pattern. It’s the same technique I used for my good year bad year tyre from day 17 of this challenge, this feels like ages ago already..

ZBrush Day 37


Although I’ve laced up wheels before, I still had to consult good old Sheldon Brown for the correct pattern. If you think it looks confusing, don’t worry, because it is!

ZBrush Day 37

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ZBrush Day 36
Today I modeled these Phil Woods hubs and a Freewheel.
ZBrush Day 38
Today I created the frame, with trackends, headset and a sweet forkcrown.