ZBrush Day 41
April 4, 2017

Continuing along the lines of yesterday’s pixelart, I looked for inspiration and decided to sculpt Purple from one of my favourite adventure games Day of the Tentacle. I messed around in ZBrush, but finally took it into Houdini and rendered it with Redshift3D.

ZBrush Day 41


Today I finally set up some custom hotkeys for my sculpting brushes. I hooked them all up under the ALT + KEY combination.

I’ve tried to set it up in a way it’s quick and easy for me to access, there’s lots of brushes I don’t use or haven’t even tried, so this is just the selection I tend to fall into all the time:

  • ALT + Z ZModeler Brush
  • ALT + A Move Brush
  • ALT + Q Move Topo Brush
  • ALT + X MAHcut Brush (alternative to DamStandard)
  • ALT + S clayBuildup Brush
  • ALT + W insertSphere Brush
  • ALT + E Inflate Brush
  • ALT + D trimDynamic Brush

I’ll probably change these as I continue sculpting, but it feels like a pretty good bunch like this!

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