ZBrush Day 43
April 6, 2017

Today I sculpted Bernard, the Nerd and Original Hipster, before there were hipsters, from Day of the Tentacle.

ZBrush Day 43

Deadlines and Timezones

Today I was battling the daily shipping demons in my head. It came up with surprising persuasive reasons not to ship today.

Anyway, that demon can go fuck himself, and we’re shipping while it’s hot.

I could really do with a day of, but just gonna have to keep it rocking till the finish!

Two more days, two more characters!


Look, a Banana on Bernards head!

I’m a 3D artist in London, mashing polygons with code. I’m busy developing my own VR worlds.

If you’d like to know more about me

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ZBrush Day 42
Today I sculpted Hoagie, the laidback MetalHead from Day of the Tentacle
ZBrush Day 44
Today I sculpted Dr. Fred, the Mad Professor from Day of the Tentacle.