ZBrush Day 45
April 8, 2017

On my last day of this Challenge I sculpted Laverne, the Lovable Lunatic that saves the day by disguising herself in a Tentacle costume.

ZBrush Day 45


Since today was the big finale, the pressure was one. So I figured I would tweet out my whole process to keep myself in check, keep it moving and check my time.

It’s about 20 hours now since I started Laverne, although I did have a two hour powernap in the middle.

I’m super happy with how far I’ve come, and would be lying if I said this challenge didn’t take over my whole life for the past 45 days.

Looking back at all the pieces, and then my first sculptures, is intense..

I’ll get some sleep, and will try to write something more meaningful about the whole project. Thanks everyone!

I’m a 3D artist in London, mashing polygons with code. I’m busy developing my own VR worlds.

If you’d like to know more about me

Follow my journey @pixelprotest_

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