ZBrush Day 6
February 28, 2017

With all these new tricks I have learned, today I wanted to try and sculpt a head. At the moment though, all my sculpts sort of feel like happy accidents. And sometimes the tools and mistakes just take me into different direction than I originally intended.

As I was sculpting today’s head, I realised I was sculpting my primary school teacher. For now I’m happy to go along with these funny deviations, but in a couple of weeks I hope to have more control over all these tools. So I can sculpt exactly what I imagine, from the get-go.

ZBrush Day 6

Transpose Tool

ZBrush Day 6 Today I finally learned about the Transpose tool. Up till now, I was moving my objects around using the tediuously tiny Deformation > Offset slider. Using the transpose tool makes it much easier to deal with moving and rotating and scaling things up and down. It’s basically ZBrush’ own funky take on the transform gizmo, found in any other 3d software. It functions under the W (move) E (scale) and R (rotate) hotkeys.

One cool thing, is you can hold SHIFT + drag the transpose line to snap it to angles in an orthographic view. You can also hold SHIFT with the rotate transpose to snap to 22.5 degree increments, this will give you 4 snaps for every ninety degrees, I imagine this can be useful when trying to model something slightly more precise.

ZBrush Day 6 Another trick is you can use it to copy parts of your mesh. When you have a move transpose, hold SHIFT + CTRL with an unmasked part, drag it out to create duplicates of that mesh inside the same subtool

Merging Down Subtools

ZBrush Day 6 If you’ve got a couple of subtools, you can combine them by going to Subtool > Merge and hit MergeDown. This will essentially merge the selected subtool, with the one right underneath. But note that this will only merge 2 subtools.

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