ZBrush Day 8
March 2, 2017

ZBrush Day 8 Today I had a lot more time to play around, so I wanted to challenge myself to create a different sculpture than I’ve done so far. I decided to create an elephant, but to keep it interesting, I figured it should be in some sort of pose. Naturally looking on google images for elephant circus, resulted in this image of an elephant on a ball, exactly what I needed.

ZBrush Day 8

Life Sculpting

I haven’t found out how to put imagePlanes into ZBrush yet. So I separated the two, sculpting on my left screen, looking at the reference on the right one. I was trying my best to channel the life drawing classes I took way back in Film School. Honestly it worked better than expected. After a few hours I managed to get the base shape out.

I tried to reverse image search this image, to find more angles of this particular scene… the search ended up with exactly zero results.. For some reason, given how close I had been looking at the image, it hadn’t occured to me a beachball wouldn’t actually be able to support an elephant like this…

After a while I did a more thorough check for all the angles on the legs, the sillhouette and negative space. Then tweaked it closer towards the original. It’s really quite surprising how close you can get without having image planes in your viewport, just by checking for these things.

More Head Detail

As the model started to shape up, I wanted to add some more detail in the head, ears and trunk. So I grabbed another piece of reference from google images, not sure if I’m mixing up my elephants here, but I liked his ears.

ZBrush Day 8

I used dynamesh throughout the whole model, just kept on masking off some area and use the transpose tool to pull out it’s limbs. DynaMesh creates such a fluid way to work. You really don’t have to worry about any other technical problem. You can really transpose/extrude the worst mask ever, and keep on smoothing, cleaning, re-dynameshing, until you get the shape you want.

I guess this is what it might feel like when you’re sculpting in actual reallife clay, constantly adding clay, smoothing out, destroying, and rebuilding?

I’m a 3D artist in London, mashing polygons with code. I’m busy developing my own VR worlds.

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