Cardboard Macintosh

After finishing 45 Days of ZBrush, I jumped down a rabbit hole picking up Substance Painter and Designer. I learnt about texture baking and PBR workflows.

I created this Macintosh model so I could run through the whole process and connect all the dots between all the different software packages - ZBrush, Substance, Maya, Houdini and Redshift.

Cardboard Macintosh

Naturally I recorded the whole process from start to finish and created this speed modeling/texturing/rendering video. I start by modeling in ZBrush, retopo in Houdini, cleanup in Maya, texture in Substance Painter, then finally I develop a procedural cable and render in Houdini using Redshift.

Macintosh on Sketchfab

Workflow Tools

During the project I created three Houdini Redshift Digital Assets. These nodes offer me a one-click solution to manage PBR textures, quick HDR environment creation and simplified DOF focal distance setup.

I’m a 3D artist in London, mashing polygons with code. Now that web and CG are converging into VR, I’m moving onto that intersection.

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VR Sketches
Here's a collection of the VR models, sketches and paintings I've done so far.