VR Sketches

Recently I started modeling in VR. Here’s a collection of the VR models, sketches and paintings I’ve done so far. As a first piece, I wanted to keep it simple, so I made this Polaroid Camera in GravitySketch

Polaroid Camera

Ever since I read the book for Ready Player One, I’ve been wanting to do a piece on Parzival’s car, as a combined homage to Back To The Future, KnightRider and GhostBusters. I was looking for a challenge and given the subject matter it seemed only correct to do this entirely in VR.

I did all the linework and paneling in GravitySketch and then pulled it into TiltBrush to add a final layer of FX.

Rainbow DeLorean from Ready Player One

I’m a 3D artist in London, mashing polygons with code. I’m busy developing my own VR worlds.

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Cardboard Macintosh
I created this piece to connect all the dots between ZBrush, Substance, Houdini and Redshift.
45 Days of ZBrush
To learn ZBrush from scratch, I challenged myself to model and sculpt for 45 days in a row.